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Stay Safe

Stay Safe

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Empower young minds with essential life skills through the Canadian Red Cross Stay Safe Course. Tailored for children aged 9 to 13, this engaging and interactive program goes beyond traditional safety education, providing a holistic approach to personal safety in various situations. From home to school, online to offline, the Stay Safe Course equips children with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their world safely.

Course Highlights:

  1. Home Alone Safety: Learn age-appropriate skills for staying safe and confident when home alone. Topics include emergency procedures, fire safety, and handling unexpected situations.

  2. Online Safety: Equip children with the tools to navigate the digital landscape responsibly. The Stay Safe Course addresses internet safety, social media awareness, and strategies for dealing with online challenges.

  3. Street Smarts: Foster awareness and confidence in outdoor settings. Children will learn about pedestrian safety, traffic awareness, and strategies for staying safe when out and about.

  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help children assess situations, make informed decisions, and respond effectively in various scenarios.

  5. Communication Strategies: Enhance communication skills, teaching children how to express themselves assertively, seek help when needed, and interact confidently with peers and adults.

  6. Emergency Response: Instill the basics of emergency response, including recognizing when to call for help, understanding emergency services, and learning how to provide essential information.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Children aged 9 to 13
  • Parents and caregivers looking to empower their children with safety skills
  • Schools and educational institutions promoting holistic safety education

Course Format:

The Canadian Red Cross Stay Safe Course is designed to be interactive and engaging. Through discussions, role-playing, and hands-on activities, children actively participate in the learning process.


Upon successful completion of the Stay Safe Course, participants will receive a certificate from the Canadian Red Cross, recognizing their commitment to personal safety and responsible decision-making.

Empower your child with knowledge and confidence. Enroll them in the Canadian Red Cross Stay Safe Course and ensure they have the skills to navigate their world safely. Because a safe child is a confident child.

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