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Cannabis in the Workplace: Impairment Awareness Training

Cannabis in the Workplace: Impairment Awareness Training

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As the landscape of cannabis legislation evolves, so do the challenges in maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Our Online Cannabis in the Workplace Awareness Training is a comprehensive program designed to educate employers and employees on the impact of cannabis use, legal considerations, and strategies for fostering a workplace that prioritizes safety, productivity, and well-being.

Course Highlights:

  1. Understanding Cannabis Legislation: Navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding cannabis use, possession, and cultivation, and gain insights into how it impacts the workplace.

  2. Workplace Policies and Compliance: Learn how to develop and implement effective workplace policies that address cannabis use, taking into account legal requirements and industry standards.

  3. Cannabis and Impairment: Explore the effects of cannabis on cognitive function, motor skills, and overall workplace performance, and discover strategies for addressing impairment on the job.

  4. Employee Education: Equip employees with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding cannabis use, emphasizing responsibility and adherence to workplace policies.

  5. Accommodation and Support: Understand how to approach accommodation requests related to medical cannabis use and explore strategies for supporting employees while maintaining a safe work environment.

  6. Communication Strategies: Develop effective communication strategies to address concerns, educate employees, and foster a workplace culture that promotes openness and collaboration.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Employers and business owners
  • Human resources professionals
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Safety officers and compliance teams
  • Employees at all levels

Course Format:

This online course is designed for flexibility, allowing participants to engage with the material at their own pace. Interactive modules, case studies, and real-world scenarios create an immersive learning experience.


Upon successful completion of the Cannabis in the Workplace Awareness Training, participants will receive a certification, demonstrating their understanding of the legal and safety considerations surrounding cannabis in the workplace.

Stay ahead of the changing landscape. Enroll in our Online Cannabis in the Workplace Awareness Training and empower your team with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of cannabis use in a professional setting. Because a well-informed workplace is a safer workplace.

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