5 Reasons to Choose KMW Outreach Inc.

5 Reasons to Choose KMW Outreach Inc.

First aid training is a requirement for many workplaces and school programs.

Whether you are working or training for a position in healthcare, childcare, recreation, or merely an employee at a WSIB-compliant workplace, you will be required to participate in some level of first aid training.

Many health and safety companies are available for first aid training. So why should you choose KMW Outreach Inc. for your first aid training needs?

  1. We are an accredited, WSIB-approved training centre that is part of a national network
  2. Our courses are skills-focused to keep participants engaged and feeling confident
  3. We have high-end equipment that allows for practical practice
  4. Flexible scheduling with our blended learning options
  5. New classes for healthcare providers: Basic Life Support (BLS), Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy

Read on for a more in-depth look into why you should choose KMW Outreach Inc.!

Certified First Aid Training Partner of the Canadian Red Cross

Did you know that the Canadian Red Cross is the largest provider of first aid training in Canada? For over 60 years, the Canadian Red Cross has been a national leader in injury prevention programs.

Over 1.5 million Canadians get trained in Red Cross First Aid and CPR, Swimming and Water Safety, and Respect Education programs each year through Training Partners across the country.

Through our training, participants will get certified through the Canadian Red Cross, which means their certification is valid anywhere in the country. Certificates received in Ontario will also be valid in Newfoundland and British Columbia.

First aid has to get renewed every three years. If you take a course before the expiry date on your card, you are eligible to partake in a recertification course, which is half the time of the original certification course.

However, you must re-certify with the same organization on your current certification. Because we are associated with the Canadian Red Cross, participants will be able to re-certify their card at any Training Partner nation-wide.

All Courses are Skill-Focused

At KMW Outreach Inc., we firmly believe participants learn first aid best through hands-on practice.

That is why we ensure our courses allow for ample practice time for each skill. We leave open-ended time for participants to get themselves comfortable with the skills learned.

We want students to feel comfortable to perform the skills if needed in a real-life situation. Our instructors will always give participants as much time is necessary to gain this confidence and comfort.

We will also provide real-life examples of when various skills get used.

Our instructors have real-life experience with first aid that they use so participants can understand how to put the learned skills into real-life scenarios. By placing each skill in context, we ensure participants are ready to use their learnings when needed.

For the sections of the course that are knowledge-based, our team has developed a variety of activities to keep the participants further engaged in the material.

These activities are tailored to all learning styles and can be easily adapted to fit the needs of each class. We try to ensure we are not running your “typical” lecture-style first aid course. It is important to us that participants leave the classroom feeling empowered to help others.

High-End Training Equipment for Efficient Practice

To further prepare participants for real-life situations, we have accumulated top-notch training equipment that we ensure is available for all courses (whether you come to us, or we come to you)!

We have computerized CPR mannequins equipped with compression clickers or beepers, lights, and lung bags.

The compression clickers (or beepers) and lights help participants get familiar with the appropriate depth and rate for CPR chest compressions. The mannequins are also equipped with lung bags to allow for real-life practice of rescue breathing during CPR.

We also have Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training devices with live prompts.

AED Training gets included in every single course we teach. AEDs save lives!

The training devices allow participants to familiarize themselves with the appropriate use of an AED machine. They include live prompts, just like real AEDs, so students feel fully prepared for a real-life situation.

We want to ensure that all of our participants remain safe and healthy during each course.

We provide plenty of personal protective equipment to use in the classroom. This includes gloves and barrier devices for rescue breathing.

By having participants use these items in training, we not only keep them healthy in the class, but we prepare them to keep themselves protected in real-life situations as well.

Blended Learning Options Cut In-Class Time in Half

KMW Outreach Inc. now has blended learning options available for most courses (the healthcare courses discussed below do not apply).

Blended learning is a cross between online and classroom learning. Half the course gets completed through online modules, which cuts the required in-class time in half.

It also allows the in-class time to be completely skills-focused, as all of the knowledge sections get presented online. The in-class time becomes an instructor-led, skill-building session!

The blended learning option allows for more flexibility in the timing of the training.

The online modules get completed on the students’ own time and do not need to be completed all at once. The system saves each participant’s progress so they can break up the online modules as they wish.

The online modules include slides, videos, activities, and quizzes to keep students engaged in the material throughout the course.

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

KMW Outreach Inc. is also offering the Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support program! This program has replaced the CPR-HCP (Healthcare Provider) level.

With this update, the Basic Life Support program has gotten removed from the core courses such as Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid. This allows us to focus the course specifically on healthcare and first responder environments.

The focus is on a team-based, high-performance CPR. The majority of the course focuses on practicing CPR.

With the launch of the  Basic Life Support program, the Canadian Red Cross also introduced two brand new courses: Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy. Both these courses can be taken on their own or included in the BLS program.

Airway Management focuses on methods and equipment to keep a patient’s airway open and unobstructed throughout treatment. It includes the practice of inserting and removing oral and nasal airways and various suctioning techniques and equipment.

Oxygen Therapy teaches when and how to use emergency oxygen. It teaches the proper use of an oxygen tank, the various delivery devices available, and when and how to use each delivery method. Both of these courses are strictly skills-based.

We Offer Competitive Pricing that Supports a Non-Profit

Our courses are competitively priced, and a portion of our funds from each course go to the Canadian Red Cross.

Depending on the course level, 13-20% of our profits get given to the Canadian Red Cross for the certifications.

The Canadian Red Cross uses this money to support their significant and life-saving programs such as Disaster Management which helps individuals and families across Canada affected by natural disasters.

We offer student, corporate, and non-profit rates. Student pricing is available through our website.

For corporate and non-profit rates, visit our corporate training page! Or reach out to us at registrations@kmwoutreach.ca to establish a corporate account with us!

We never want pricing to be a barrier to these vital courses!

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