We offer various sizes of medical grade hand sanitizer (80%), nitrile gloves, procedural facemasks and more!
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Under the new lockdown restrictions we are still ESSENTIAL and still OPEN! Please see here for updates on our courses.

Personal Protective Equipment

Hand Sanitizer

KMW Outreach Inc. is your one source for all your SANITIZER needs!

We have partnered with a local company - Murphy’s Law Distillery - to bring you a liquid medical grade hand sanitizer in a variety of sizes to meet all your personal and corporate needs.

Our liquid sanitizer is made of:

Medical Grade - 80% Alcohol

Hydrogen Peroxide


Distilled Water

The main benefits of using our World Health Organization (WHO) recommended formula is that it is soft on your hands, dries within seconds and can be used on all types of material and surfaces! Leaves no residue!

WAIT! We also provide...

More Personal Protective Equipment!

We also have available Nitrile Gloves and Procedural Face Masks.

You can also buy these in workplace packages!

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