As of January 1st, 2019, CPR/AED HCP will now be referred to as Basic Life Support (BLS). If you are looking for an HCP course, please register for BLS instead.
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Under the new WSIB Guidelines, we are now OPEN for in-class training! Please see here for updates on our courses.

Hand Sanitizer

KMW Outreach Inc. has partnered with Murphy’s Law Distillery to bring you medical grade hand sanitizer! 

We have a variety of sizes available to meet all personal and corporate needs! Spray nozzles are available for all sizing options!
Our World Health Organization recommended formula is soft on your hands and dries within seconds! No more sticky hands!

Does your business have new COVID-19 protocols requiring sanitation of equipment?
This liquid sanitizer can also be used to sanitize all types of materials and surfaces!

250mL (8oz) bottle with screw cap

This size of sanitizer is great for personal use. Perfect size for your bag, purse, car, desk and more!

500mL bottle with screw cap

This size of sanitizer is perfect for essential workers in the field who use sanitizer more frequently.

1L bottle with screw cap

This size of sanitizer is excellent for workplaces. It is a great option for customers and employees to use as they enter. It is also a good option to use for disinfecting surfaces.

4L Bottle

This size of sanitizer is best used for refilling the smaller option bottles. Ideal for medium-large businesses going through a lot of hand sanitizer.