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Welcome to KMW Outreach Inc.


Committed to building a mentally, physically, and emotionally safer community for everyone.


To build a population of help-focused individuals motivated to create a safer community for all.

About Us:

KMW Outreach Inc. was created to empower and inspire knowledgeable, help focused individuals to create a physically, emotionally, and mentally safer community for all. Through our training we intend to strengthen the community’s response to emergency situations. We hope to provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help those in need at home, work and anywhere in between.

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner:

We are a training partner of the Canadian Red Cross, providing first aid training and supplies to South Western Ontario. Our main training facility is located in Guelph, and we also offer private, on-site training. KMW Outreach Inc. provides individuals with personal and practical training so they are comfortable and confident to handle unexpected emergencies. We have made it our goal to provide community members with the skills necessary to help friends, co-workers, loved ones and even strangers in the event of a medical emergency.

Family Owned Since 2009:

We are a family owned and operated business. Kirk Wannamaker began the business in 2009 aiming to expand the first aid community through public and private training. His daughter, Vicki, has since taken over the business and continues his legacy of creating a safer community for all. KMW Outreach is passionate about supporting our local community and strives to continue to be educate on safety in everything we do.

Products and Services

Kirk Wannamaker Owner and Instructor

Kirk Wannamaker, owner of KMW Outreach and a First Aid instructor himself, has spent 32 years in the health care field. Through his many personal experiences dealing with situations requiring basic knowledge of First Aid, he understands firsthand the importance of these essential life saving skills. Kirk has always been passionate about First Aid and this clearly shows in his commitment to quality teaching.

Vicki Wannamaker General Manager / Instructor

Vicki Wannamaker, general manager of KMW Outreach Inc, a First Aid Instructor and Water Safety Instructor, has had ample hands-on first aid experience. Through over ten years of lifeguarding and four years on the Emergency Response Team at Wilfred Laurier University, Vicki has had to utilize her first aid knowledge and skills many times. Using her personal experiences, Vicki consistently ensures her teaching prepares students for real life situations.